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Title: EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
Description: This site is an "electronic magazine for kids in grades 4-8" which contains information and articles dealing with the environment and environmental issues of the Earth. Nature Notes contains information and articles about animals, habitats, phenology, vegetation, and Wisconsin state symbols. Included is a clickable poster that gives students additional information about the animals of the forest. In Our Earth, students learn about the environment and environmental issues such as endangered species, global warming, and air quality. Cool Stuff contains fun activities like rainy day activities, a recycling coloring book, and student artwork and writing. Students can find out about getting a job as a hydrogeologist, engineer, park ranger, wildlife biologist, or park naturalist. Included are teaching activities and educational resources. Each activity contains the grade level, objectives, needed materials, background information, and procedures. A new riddle for students to solve is added each month.
Source: Other
Classifications: Career and Technical Education
Career and Technical Education -- Career Exploration
Science -- Animals
Science -- Environment/Ecology
Resource Type: Articles
Curriculum Unit Plans/Projects
Handout Based Activities
Online Interactives
Keywords: animals
career awareness
career education
career exploration
career information
career planning
conservation (environment)
conservation education
endangered species
environmental awareness
environmental education
global warming
integrated activities
interdisciplinary approach
natural resources
plants (botany)
Standards: Science, K-8 (2007)
L.EC.04.11 - L.EC.04.11 - Identify organisms as part of a food chain or food web.
L.EC.06.11 - L.EC.06.11 - List examples of populations, communities, and ecosystems including the Great Lakes region.
L.EV.04.21 - L.EV.04.21 - Identify individual differences (for example: color, leg length, size, wing size) in organisms of the same kind.
L.EV.05.11 - L.EV.05.11 - Explain how behavioral characteristics (adaptation, instinct, learning, habit) of animals help them to survive in their environment.
L.EV.05.12 - L.EV.05.12 - Describe the physical characteristics (traits) of organisms that help them survive in their environment.
L.HE.05.11 - L.HE.05.11 - Explain that the traits of an individual are influenced by both the environment and the genetics of the individual.
L.OL.06.51 - L.OL.06.51 - Classify organisms (producers, consumers, and decomposers) based on their source of energy for growth and development.
Date Last Modified: 2007-01-23 19:24:00
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