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Title: African Clave Rhythms and Popular Music
Description: In this lesson, from Indiana University, students will be able to explain the origin of the clave rhythm, describe how it became a part of American popular music, and identify the clave rhythm in examples of current popular music.
Source: Thinkfinity
Partner: ArtsEdge
Classifications: Social Studies
Social Studies -- Africa
Social Studies -- African Americans
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts -- Music Education General
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts -- Popular Culture
Resource Type: Lesson/Activity Plans
GradeLevel: Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Standards: Social Studies, 9-12 (2007)
K1.1 - K1.1 - Know the defining characteristics of the disciplines of history and geography.
K1.5 - K1.5 - Understand the diversity of human beings and human cultures.
Date Last Modified: 2014-06-15 13:42:26
Date Record Checked: 2014-06-15 13:42:26
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