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Title: A Tough Act to Re-enact: Bringing Historical Action Back to Life
Description: In this lesson, from the New York Times Learning Network, students explore the significance of various historical events. Using the information they find, groups re-enact these events, stressing their importance to history and our lives today.
Source: Thinkfinity
Partner: ReadWriteThink
Classifications: English Language Arts
English Language Arts -- Reading
English Language Arts -- Writing and Grammar
Social Studies
Social Studies -- World History
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts
Visual, Performing and Applied Arts -- Theater Education
Resource Type: Lesson/Activity Plans
GradeLevel: Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Standards: Social Studies, K-8 (2007)
8 – U5.2.2 - 8 – U5.2.2 - Make an argument to explain the reasons why the North won the Civil War by considering the
  • critical events and battles in the war
  • the political and military leadership of the North and South
  • the respective advantages and disadvantages, including geographic, demographic, economic and technological (E1.4) (National Geography Standard 15, p. 173)
8 – U6.2.1 - 8 – U6.2.1 - United States History Investigation Topic and Issue Analysis, Past and Present – Use historical perspectives to analyze issues in the United States from the past and the present; conduct research on a historical issue or topic, identify a connection to a contemporary issue, and present findings (e.g., oral, visual, video, or electronic presentation, persuasive essay, or research paper); include causes and consequences of the historical action and predict possible consequences of the contemporary action.
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Date Record Checked: 2014-06-10 09:24:00
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