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Featured Resources
Fluid Dynamics of Swimming

This Web site, from the K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook, explains the motions a swimmer makes in the water and how the difference between champion swimmers and recreational swimmers is the ability t...
Calendar of Historical Events: Union Leaders Get Their "Labor Day"

December 31, 1969: "Labor Day," now a well-known holiday observed throughout the business world, began literally as a day to honor laborers. The first "Labor Day" in 1882 showed the growing power of ...
Wonder of the Day: Why Don't We Work On Labor Day?

Labor Day may sound like a lot of work, but it?s actually a chance to rest and enjoy the company of family and friends. Let?s explore why we celebrate this day each year.
Modern Era: Summer's Here!

This Web page, part of the "Jump Back in Time" section of the America's Story Web site, describes how the summer solstice heralds the longest day of the year and the official beginning ...
Summer Travel--Education on the Road

This page from EDSITEment features resources relating to summer vacations and presents information about how students can explore the geography and culture of their travel destinations. Learn more abo...
Summer Series

Need book ideas for the summer? Look no further! Emily features Nancy Krulik?s Katie Kazoo Switcheroo and George Brown, Class Clown chapter-book series.
Wonder of the Day: When Are the Dog Days Of Summer?

Have the dog days of summer reached your part of the world yet? Join us in Wonderopolis as we try to beat the heat!

Wonder of the Day: Do Fish Swim In Schools In the Summer?

It may be summer, but the fish say, ?Be cool! Stay in school!? Grab your trunks and dive into today?s Wonder of the Day!

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